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4 Tips For Introducing Positive Change To Your Enterprise


Change can be a dirty word in the workplace. Even if you’re trying to take positive steps with your business you can receive pushback from your employees. People are reluctant to move on from their way of doing things, even if the changes help them.

There may also be changes that need to be made that you aren’t noticing. In the same way that people resist change, they can also be scared to push for it when they need it. If you’re noticing either of these problems with your enterprise consider the following tips for introducing positive change.

Be honest and personal

To introduce the kind of change that has an impact, you need to appeal to the people that keep your business going. Investigate what changes your staff wants to see and understand their positive impacts.

This doesn’t mean conceding to all of their workplace whims but realizing what positive change looks like to them. This could be anything from mixing up the office routine to the company’s charitable efforts. Assuring people that your changes have their best interests at heart creates an environment where change is more widely accepted.

Imagine yourself in their shoes. If reporting was a huge part of your job and you started hearing rumblings of a new streamlined reporting service, you could worry about your position. Taking the time to have an honest conversation with this person and understand whether or not this change would be positive to them is essential.

Having a policy of honesty first leads to a much more positive atmosphere and builds trust in your enterprise. The importance of communication is much eulogized, and with good reason. Constant communication during change is essential for a smooth process. Don’t fear the response to change, open up and be honest.

Start small

The number one way to turn people off of a change is by introducing too much too soon. People value familiarity at work. Turning up one day and finding out everything is different is going to cause some rumblings of discontent, even if the changes are ultimately positive.

Starting with small steps and building from an understood base is the best way to make sure that the changes in your enterprise are accepted and have room to be successful. If a workplace change is implemented overnight, people expect to see the benefits much sooner.

Benefits aren’t always obvious, so briefing people on the coming change, making little steps they’ll notice but won’t disrupt their day and letting them see the positives is a great way to gain approval. People don’t always like to admit it, but a big change can scare and confuse them, so keep them protected with little incremental changes that build up.

Many of the most successful companies start from a solid business plan that developed as they grew, so why shouldn’t the same apply for introducing change in your enterprise? This growth will require teamwork, but a smaller seed of an idea is easier to grow as a team when it’s fully mapped out.

Encourage innovation

Positive change should never just come from the top. ‘My way or the highway’ is outdated and irresponsible. You’ll lose staff and productivity. Encouraging your staff to introduce their own positive changes will mean they’re instantly more in-tune and behind new initiatives within the company.

These ideas could end up massively improving your enterprise. The idea of the lone genius working their way up from nothing is often romanticized, but not realistic. Teamwork is a great way to bring new ideas to the business that could spring positive change.

When changes are suggested, make sure the best ones are acted upon. Introducing a suggestion box and then never looking in it will do more harm than good. Embracing suggestions will be huge for moral. Even people who prefer to be leaders will admit having some power relinquished to them every now and again is empowering and rewarding.

Appeal to current trends (that mesh with your enterprise)

The modern business can’t just be about itself, it needs to appeal to something bigger. There is an expectancy for enterprises to use their influence and money for good. There are specific ways to go about introducing the kind of change that will lead to little hassle and have the biggest impact.

The world is full of important issues you can try to fix with your enterprise, but the best way to achieve positive change is by attaching yourself to something related to your business. This way your staff have a more natural connection and your audience sees the mutual interest.

If your enterprise is at odds with the issue you’re trying to change, it won’t have as big a positive impact as it could. It should attract natural enthusiasm within your enterprise or else you’ll be fighting an uphill battle to get everyone behind you. Find the right positive change and trend to attach yourself to.

Introducing positive change is harder than it looks. Streamlined systems and charitable endeavors seem like natural changes that should be met with open arms, but people require reasons and assurance. Find the methods that suit your enterprise, and don’t lose faith in making positive change.

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