WordPress Development


WordPress designers will take your organization’s look and feel and adapt it into a brilliant, targeted, and beautiful online website.

Custom Themes

We will take your unique needs and transform them into a completely custom WordPress theme, allowing you to standout from your competition. 366 Technology will give you an online marketing piece that is client focused and strategically targeted.


366 Technology will give you a standards based, responsive, easy to use WordPress website that is compatible across browsers and platforms. It will look great on your computer, cell phone, and tablet.


We offer custom plugin creation, or if you just need help configuring a plugin or adding onto a plugin that you already have, we can do that too.


366 Technology offers custom built widgets, but if you just need some help configuring the widgets you have, we’re here for you too.


Is WordPress secure? It is when we build and maintain it. Most hacked WordPress sites happen because of outdated plugins. We have a three part approach to security:

  1. Backup
  2. Upgrade
  3. Protect


We typically offer a monthly backup service for starter websites. It ensures that if anything happens to your site, we are able to restore it to its previous version.


As part of our monthly backup up service, we also upgrade all software, plugins and WordPress core, ensuring that nothing breaks, and you have the latest technology to protect your site.


Depending on the site, we use different security measures to protect against brute force hacking, bots, and script kiddies. We’ve got your back.