Social Media

Whether you have an established brand or you’re looking to establish a brand, social media is a necessity. If you have a dedicated account manager, 366 Technology will create a plan to help you target your audience, get better hash tags, and show up more often in search results. If you have a smaller business and are having trouble updating all of the different social media platforms, we can help with that too. We’ll show you the art of the retweet, and in some cases, we can even setup simple, authentic automation that will increase the visitors to your website.

How 366 Technology Does Social Media

  • Connect your website’s new feed to your various platforms;
  • Saves you time by allowing you to post in one place that propagates everywhere;
  • Pull in relevant outside news feeds that add search terms to your site;
  • Reduce your time investment;
  • Give you a plan that you can execute on.

Top Social Media Sites


This is a great promotional tool, especially for small businesses. Be careful about advertising, especially for larger companies. People are unnecessarily rude on ads, so it’s very important that if you do advertise, you are very responsive. Responsiveness is key on Facebook.


Many companies hope to make the next viral video, but it’s nearly impossible to imagine what might capture the attention of viewers in any given moment. The best thing you can do is create many videos over time that help build the reputation of your company, rather than gambling on the cool factor a single video.


Twitter is a great tool for an already established brand. For new and small businesses, it can be a slow and difficult rise to success. People on Twitter are fairly positive, and ads are received better and look more natural than on other social media platforms.