Social Media

366 Technology will create a social media plan to help you target your audience, get better hash tags, and show up more often in search results.

PHP Coding

It’s comes in handy that we know PHP, since well over 244 million websites use it to support their technology. We use it to for custom coding, WordPress, Drupal, API calls, and Automation.

Website Promotion

366 Technology focuses on getting your users to fulfill your website goals. If you want newsletter signups, ecommerce purchases, and qualified leads to fill out a form, we would love to help you achieve those goals.

Responsive Design

Responsive design allows for a good looking website to be presented using the exact same content between multiple devices. We start with a full screen computer presentation and design its look for tablet, mobile, and everything in between.

WordPress Development

We will take your unique needs and transform them into a completely custom WordPress theme, allowing you to standout from your competition. 366 Technology will give you an online marketing piece that is client focused and strategically targeted.