366 Technology is published and managed by Ryan D Brinkhurst, a writer, technology consultant, and as you can see, publisher.


366 technology is a tech magazine and consulting company that focuses on technology for positive social, political, and environmental change / disruption.


438 1/2 Preston Street Suite 200
Ottawa Ontario Canada
K1S 4N6


366 Technology’s online magazine is published in a news/blog style. As informative and timely articles are written and come in, they get published. The consulting side of the business is open regular 9-5 hours EST.


366 Technology is our way of adapting technology to fit the needs of organizations who are trying to make the world a better place, while informing organizations of new technology and new ways of using technology through the magazine.


366 Technology is a web, IOT, and technology consulting company that brings its business expertise, along with the expertise of several other technology experts together to publish an online magazine, while helping growth based organizations to excel and be socially, environmentally, and politically conscience.

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